Landing Pages

  • Landing Page Static — a single page site that has your current print ad as the content.
  • Landing Page Custom — a single page site built using one of our available templates (here) and including a contact form.

The Landing Page is an option for creating custom content as a destination URL for online ads. The options available are:


  • Online version of a current print ad
  • Scales to 100% of the device width (max-width 970 pixels), fits desktop, tablet, and mobile
      • PDF of the current print ad


  • Select one of our templates found here
  • Templates are responsive, optimized for both desktop and mobile devices 
  • Includes a Contact Form with responses emailed real-time and provided in a Google Spreadsheet 
      • The template number desired
      • All text needed to fill areas in the selected template
      • Logo
      • The correct number of photos for the selected template
      • An email address for Contact Form responses

Additional information can be found at this site: