NEW! Site Skin


The Site Skin is designed to give your advertising message a more dominant position on the page while also integrating it more closely with the site content. On tablet and mobile screens, the Site Skin uses a larger-than-normal space — giving you premium exposure without interrupting the reader's experience. View ads here: 1, 2, 3. Additional information can be found here.


         Desktop:           Wallpaper - 2600 Pixels wide by 1200 Pixels tall (2600x1200)
                                   Ad Message - 1200 pixels wide by 312 pixels tall (1200x312)

         Tablet:              960 Pixels wide by 480 Pixels tall (960x480)

         Mobile:             500 pixels wide by 250 Pixels tall (500x250)

FILE SIZE MAXIMUM:  300KB (2600x1200), 100KB (1200x312), 150KB (960x480), 150KB (500x250)

FILE TYPE: JPG, PNG, or GIF, 1200x312 Ad Message unit must be transparent PNG


BORDER: 1-pixel border if the background is white (Tablet & Mobile Units Only)

BRANDING: Client name or logo must be featured

CLICKTHROUGHS: Please provide with the initial ATOL submission to avoid a delay in the posting of your ad. Separate click-through URLs can be applied to the Desktop Wallpaper and Ad Message area, one click-through URL each for Tablet and Mobile

*SPECIAL NOTES: Note that the Ad Message area and Wallpaper of the Site Skin work together seamlessly to integrate with the site content - please keep this in mind when designing your ad.

 The Desktop Site Skin consists of a 2600x1200 pixel Wallpaper and a 1200x312 pixel Ad Message area. Bottom 10% of the wallpaper image should fade to white or transparent pixels. Wallpapers are background images, not standalone ads and due to potential variations in screen resolution from user to user, the entire Wallpaper may not be fully visible to all users. However, the part of the wallpaper that falls inside the 1200x312 ad unit is visible to all users.  Any images essential to the ad message should fall within this area. See additional details here.


Short, direct message or heading - with a single, dominant attention-getting element 
All text, logos, buttons, etc. should be built as a transparent PNG in the Ad Message area 
The Wallpaper should be a single image and contain any images necessary in Ad Message area as well. See additional info here.  
Ad Message area should blend seamlessly into the Wallpaper background


JPG - recommended for static ads that contain photographs, graduated screens or several colors, recommended for the Wallpaper image
Static GIF - recommended for static ads with solid or few colors
Animated GIF - recommended for ads with solid or few colors and only one or two animated frames
PNG - recommended for static ads with crisp text and graduated screens or several colors, required for the 1200x312 Ad Message area


Can my Site Skin have an image in the Ad Message area?
Yes, use the PhotoShop template here as a guide to layout your Site Skin. All images should be on a single 2600x1200 layer. All text, logos, buttons, etc. should be in a single 12--x312 pixel transparent PNG.

Can my Site Skin have multiple click-throughs?
We are able to provide a separate clickthrough URL for the Wallpaper and the AD Message area. The Tablet and Mobile ad units have one click-through URL each.