Native Display Field Specs


Our Native Display Package uses component driven design to produce a set of ads that seamlessly flow into the content of our websites. Using an Intake Form we build the package from the following components: 

  • HEADLINEPrimary headline text (e.g., article title). 90 Character limit. May truncate after 25 characters
  • SHORT HEADLINEPreferred headline text to be used for Reach Extension. 25 Character limit. May truncate after 25 characters
  • IMAGELarge, primary image with landscape aspect ratio (1.91:1).
  • BODY - Secondary body text (e.g., article description). 90 Character limit. 
  • LOGOSmall icon image (e.g., the advertiser logo) with square aspect ratio (1:1). 15kb max 
  • CALL TO ACTIONText that encourages user to take action (e.g., Shop Now).
  • ADVERTISERText that identifies the advertiser (e.g., advertiser or brand name, visible URL, etc). 25 Character limit. 
  • CLICK-THROUGH URLEnter the URL for the landing page that should appear when someone clicks the ad. 

Third Party click and impression trackers are available in the ad unit.



  • Short, direct message or heading 
  • Single, dominant attention-getting element 
  • A clear, concise call-to-action (CTA) 
  • Advertiser name or logo
  • Animated ads should be limited to 3 frames to ensure quality and file size standards