Audience Packages

The Audience and Audience Plus packages are templated solutions that allow you to offer a greater number of ad sizes to help reach your impression goals. Click below to see Audience package templates:


Elements that can be customized for each advertiser:

  • Images and logos
  • Text 
  • Colors blocks and borders
  • Click through URL

Elements that cannot be customized:

  • Number of or location of text areas
  • Number of or location of images
  • Total number of frames
  • Presence of or location of a button
  • Transparency-if an area is shown in color, a color must be selected for that area. White can be used, but colored areas cannot be made transparent

Ad sizes and details

  • Audience package includes 4 ad units needed for  - 300x250, 728x90, 970x90, 320x50  
  • Audience PLUS package includes 7 ad units needed for PLUS OnTarget - 300x250, 728x90, 970x90, 320x50, 300x50, 160x600, 300x600
  • When ordering either of the new Audience packages, you will always receive either 4 or 7 animated ad units. 

An ideal submission will have:

  1. Advertiser logo
  2. 2-3 images
  3. 2-3 message blocks
  4. Call to action (specify if you would like a button)
  5. Location information
  6. URL
  • Please do not submit a jpeg of an ad or flattened art to extract elements for your ad.
  • Audience packages do not include custom animation. If your requested elements do not fit within the templates, please place individual orders for custom ad units. Existing ads with custom animation cannot be recreated as Audience packages. We will select a template that best fits the content supplied.
  • Clickthroughs: One clickthrough allowed per Unit.​