OnTarget PreRoll

Dimensions: 640 Pixels wide by 480 Pixels tall (640 x 480) preferred; 400 Pixels wide by 300 Pixels tall

(400 x 300) minimum; these dimensions may be adapted to accommodate wide screen videos

Length: 15 seconds minimum, 30 seconds maximum

Color Depth: 32-bit

Key Frames: every 1 second

Frame Rate:  minimum of 15 frames per second

Recommended codecs for video asset: H.264/AAC

Recommended codecs for audio asset: MP3 or AAC

File Size Maximum: 100MB

File Type:  MP4*

* Alternatively, a client may submit a VAST tag URL. To verify VAST compliance, you can use the VAST Validator: https://ytvastqa.appspot.com/ (In order to be IAB-compliant, every tag in a VAST chain must point directly to VAST XML. HTTP redirects are not supported.)

  • Only VAST 2.0 and 3.0 are currently supported VAST 3.0 can only be used for skippable video ads. 
  • VAST Tags must not have geo, browser or any other targeting on the third party end.
  • VPAID is not allowed
  • VAST tags must contain webm, mp4 files, other formats may be included but may not be used

Other files types may be converted to an acceptable file type through GateHouse Creative Solutions submission only.