OnTarget Half Page


Half Page ads are not standalone ads. They must be ordered as part of a package (with a 300x250 or 728x90), the entire package should be listed by proper name with all options included.

Dimensions: 300 Pixels wide by 600 Pixels tall (300 x 600)

File Size Maximum:  60KB, 150KB for HTML5

File Type: JPG, GIF, PNG, HTML5 or 3rd Party Ad Tags

Animation/Looping: 15 Seconds (30 seconds if user-initiated), Max rate for animated GIFs is 5fps 

Background: Non-Transparent

Border: Min. 1 pixel border if background is white

Branding: Client name or logo must be featured

Clickthroughs: One clickthrough allowed per Unit



  • Short, direct message or heading 
  • Single, dominant attention-getting element 
  • A clear, concise call-to-action (CTA) 
  • Advertiser name or logo
  • Animated ads should be limited to 3 frames to ensure quality and file size standards



  • JPG - recommended for static ads that contain photographs, graduated screens or several colors
  • Static GIF - recommended for static ads with solid or few colors
  • PNG - recommended for static ads with crisp text and graduated screens or several colors
  • Animated GIF - recommended for ads with solid or few colors and only one or two animated frames
  • HTML5 - recommended for complicated animation including multiple frames, colors and graphics (testing through AdOps recommended before scheduling)
  • Third party ad tags (testing through AdOps recommended before scheduling)



  • Videos can be served inside the Half Page ad size unit. The video cannot break the dimensions of the ad unit and the length is 30 seconds maximum. The video will autoplay, but is muted and the audio must be user initiated with a click. Most common file types are accepted (MP4, MOV and WMV) and others may be converted to use (please allow for testing of other video types). A video file must be provided for use, links to YouTube, Vimeo or other platforms are not acceptable.