Super Leaderboard


Dimensions: 970 Pixels wide by 90 Pixels tall (970 x 90); 320 Pixels wide by 50 Pixels tall (320 x 50) 

File Size Maximum: 80KB (970x90), 40KB (320x50), 150KB for HMTL5

File Type: JPG, GIF, PNG , HTML5 or 3rd Party Ad Tags 

Animation/Looping: 15 Seconds (30 seconds if user-initiated), Max rate for animated GIFs is 5fps 

Background: Non-Transparent 

Border: min. 1 pixel border if background is white 

Branding: Client name or logo must be featured

Clickthroughs: One clickthrough allowed per Unit. 



  • Short, direct message or heading 
  • Single, dominant attention-getting element 
  • A clear, concise call-to-action (CTA) 
  • Advertiser name or logo 
  • Animated ads should be limited to 3 frames to ensure quality and file size standards



  • JPG - recommended for static ads that contain photographs, graduated screens or several colors 
  • Static GIF - recommended for static ads with solid or few colors 
  • PNG - recommended for static ads with crisp text and graduated screens or several colors 
  • Animated GIF - recommended for ads with solid or few colors and only one or two animated frames 
  • HTML5 - recommended for complicated animation including multiple frames, colors and graphics (testing through AdOps recommended before scheduling) 
  • Third party ad tags (testing through AdOps recommended before scheduling)